App Support Policy

The main goal of our app support policy is to provide a clear roadmap of supported OS and app versions and a predictable schedule for any changes related to this support. To achieve that, Richie updates its system requirements every year on January based on the policy outlined on this page.

Read on to learn about our support lifecycle policy and see a list of operating system and app versions that have recently reached or will soon reach the end of support.

Support Policy

The default support policy outlined below applies to all mobile apps developed by Richie, including apps for News, Editions, Audiobooks, and Ebooks. Richie also serves as an SDK vendor. The support policy outlined below is also applicable to our iOS and Android SDK releases, with the possibility of negotiating extended content availability support separately for individual SDK customers.

Our support policy revolves around the metric of Supported Device Lifespan. This metric reflects the duration for which users can utilize Richie's apps on their mobile devices, thereby enabling them to enjoy the content delivered by the publisher.

Our goal is to maintain the supported device lifespan in the range of 8 to 12 years.

Screenshot mockup of the Richie app for San Francisco Chronicle

The supported device lifespan is determined by three key factors:

  • Device vendor's OS updates: The number of major operating system updates which a new device receives from the device vendor.
  • Supported OS versions: Our commitment to support a designated number of major OS versions after the device vendor stops providing OS updates to their devices.
  • Content availability: Our commitment to maintain the availability of content on Richie apps for a defined duration. In cases where an unsupported OS version prevents app updates, we ensure that the content remains accessible at least throughout this period. Content includes News, Editions, Audiobooks and Ebooks.

Supported OS versions

Operating SystemSupported OS Versions
iOS3 latest major OS versions
Android7 latest major OS versions

End of support schedule: OS

Operating SystemEnd of Support
iOS 14 and belowJan 2024
Android 7 and belowJan 2024

What to expect

If you are using an iOS or Android version that has reached the end of its support lifecycle, you will still be able to access mobile apps as long as you are using a supported app version. However, please note that you will not receive any further app updates.

For new users, apps will no longer be available for download from the App Store or Google Play Store.

End of support schedule: Content availability

App/SDK versionsEnd of Support
2022*Jan 2024

What to expect

When an app version becomes unsupported, you will receive a notification prompting you to upgrade your app version in order to continue using the app. Until you upgrade, access to the content will not be available.

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